The VIGA Farm Bucks Program

The Food Access Partnership distributes nearly all of its funding into the Vashon Community in the form of VIGA Farm Bucks.


What are VIGA Farm Bucks? Money to spend on fresh and local food.


The Food Access Partnership distributes VIGA Farm Bucks to the Vashon community. VIGA Farm Bucks come in $2 increments and can be used exactly like cash to pay for fresh food. They’re redeemable by anyone on Vashon Island, on any fresh food items at the Vashon farmers market and farm stands.

What are “eligible foods”? Fresh fruit and vegetables, plant starts, honey, mushrooms, eggs, dairy, seafood & meat. Prepared, ready-to-eat foods (cookies, hot tamales, sandwiches, etc.) are not eligible for purchase with this currency.



How to Get Started

VIGA Farm Bucks are redeemable at both the Vashon Farmers Market and participating VIGA farm stands! You use them exactly like cash. When you’re ready to pay after selecting your produce, simply hand the VIGA Farm Bucks to the farmer you are supporting.

Individual VIGA Farm Bucks maintain a $2 value. Each farmer has their own rule of handling purchase totals that come to an odd number. If paying the full purchase with VIGA Farm Bucks, just talk with the farmer to pay an amount closest to your order total. Otherwise, all booths at the farmers market and farm stands will accept a mixed payment of VIGA Farm Bucks and cash. No change given for VIGA Farm Bucks.

Vashon Farmers are prepared and excited to receive VIGA Farm Bucks.

What can I purchase with VIGA Farm Bucks?

VIGA Farm Bucks are only to be spent on fresh foods within Vashon Island. This includes:

viga buck eligibility 2.png


How do I receive VIGA Farm Bucks?

Currently the best way to receive VIGA Farm Bucks is if you are receiving services from any of the nine local non-profits we partner with. If you are receiving services from one of these organizations, talk with your case worker or staff member to get started today.

If you are not receiving services from one of these organizations, please contact us. Our goal is to increase access to fresh, locally grown food and will be happy to help.

Partner Organizations

Our partners:

  • The Senior Center

  • The Community Dinners program

  • The Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness (IFCH)

  • La Comunidad

  • Vashon Youth and Family Services (VYFS)

  • The DOVE Project

  • Vashon Community Care Center

  • The Vashon Maury Community Food Bank

  • Vashon HouseHold

* Eligibility

Everyone is welcome to utilize VIGA Farm Bucks to subsidize their food costs. Our mission is to improve food access for all, and encourage you to try VIGA Farm Bucks today!

If you want to learn about your eligibility, feel free to contact us!